What Is An Appropriate Holiday Tip To Give?

Why is giving the right tip such a moral dilemma?  Year after year we are faced with the same problem, yet most of us have different solutions each time.  Was this a good year for me?  Was this a bad year for me?  Do I like this person less?  Do I like this person more? It’s enough internal dialogue to make you think you were front row for your own Woody Allen movie.   My mother was a fifth grade school teacher for her entire career.  We had many laughs over the gifts Mom got from kids in her class (which is why I guess they stopped this tradition). Your Smart Money Moves has prepared a holiday tipping guide for you this holiday season: Postal Worker- They can’t receive more than $20 anyways, so just stick to $20 cash.  If you really want do them a favor, use the post office more than you do today as pretty soon you could ...

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