No More Buying Cookie Dough From Your Kids!

By: Genna Jenkin The Your Smart Money Moves Mom We’ve all been there. At some point during the school year your child brings home the dreaded fundraising envelope! Inside are all the materials you will need to ply friends and family to purchase vats of cookie dough, reams of wrapping paper or the never-ending magazine subscriptions. However since these unwanted items help in providing much-needed funds to your local schools the purchases are begrudgingly made. Can you imagine what a treat it would be to be able to provide those same funds to your youngster’s school not by buying something, but by getting rid of something you no longer need? This is the concept behind an amazing program conceived by Stacey Boyd. Since this entrepreneur and CEO of Schoola.com opened the cyber doors of her new idea, schoola.com/stitch, many parents throughout the country have signed up to make money for their schools by cleaning out their closets, specifically their children’s closets. ...

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