The Colleges With The Best Return On Investment

When we manage money for people we get asked this question all the time.  The investor who gives you $100,000 to manage typically wants to know in advance what you think the expected return on investment is with their cash and over what time frame.  Typically, most investors want to know how long it will take you to double their money.   With today’s student debt approaching almost $30,000 (source: Forbes), should we be choosing and ranking school by return on investment? Payscale, a company who diligently tracks salaries in the United States, recently came out with its 2014 report on collegiate return on investment.   You’ll note some of the best schools in the country are at the top supporting my theory about paying only for the elite colleges and universities in the United States.  However, the most amazing part of the study is that clearly engineering and technology driven schools blow away the rest of the field. Harvey Mudd College ...

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Are The Elite Private Colleges Worth The Price Of Admission?

It is apparent that college education costs and health insurance are the two arenas that have defied gravity over the past six years through this recovery. With college tuition escalating at a much faster rate than normal information and continued pressing coming on family savings, the average household today may wonder if getting a diploma from an expensive prestigious private college is worth the ticket of admission. If your son or daughter is lucky enough to have the qualifications to get into the ultra-elite schools (such as Harvard), then my answer is yes. There is a short list of impressive schools that have a strong alumni base stretched out across the United States or have the really high end credentials necessary to help a student make a major impact with their career in the short term. There are many very good private colleges that cost $50,000 to $60,000 a year beyond the short list of these prestigious school, and these ...

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If Time Equals Money You Better Know How To Uncheck A Box

The names of two very famous magazines are front and center on the racks of grocery and book stores all across the country.  Those two names are Time Magazine and Money Magazine.   As I’ve learned over the years, time and money are two really interchangeable parts and it is usually tough to have to both at the same time.   In a famous Eagles song they sing, “You can spend all of your time making money, or spend all of your money making time”. With the proliferation of the internet, we are often encouraged to sign up for services with different companies on line that are supposed to offer us services or deals that can save us time or money.  These range from our MP3 players to coupon sites to the colleges we attended. If you are like me, many days I open my e-mail and wonder how I got on the newsletter list which sits in my e-mail box that ...

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