The Three P’s To Picking A Fund Manager

For those that have sat in a conference room building out a new strategy for your company, you know that often the team leader will discuss the three P’s: Purpose, Process, and Payoff. With well over 10,000 mutual funds in the marketplace and now a slew of actively managed exchange traded funds, picking a mutual fund manager may end up being one of the more challenging tasks for an investor in their 401(k) plan or those with a large portfolio. Is it best to pick a fund manager that is a lone ranger? Is it best to pick a fund manager that selects funds through a team approach? I have often asked investors, which is most important to win the horse race? The horse or the jockey? To be successful as an investor, I would suggest you filter them out by using the purpose, process, and payoff system. Purpose: Do you know exactly what outcome you are looking for with ...

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