Is It Time To Trigger Your Stock Options?

I worked for a Fortune 100 company for over 15 years.   When you rise through the ranks of management at a large company, they generally stop talking to you about salary and instead use the word Total Economic Package (or Total Compensation Package).   The reason they do this is that you begin to receive every year something called Long Term Incentive Awards.    These can come in the form of stock options, performance unites, restricted stock, or incentive type stock options.  Essentially, all types of compensation linked to the hopeful future growth price of the stock of the company you work for every day.  Unfortunately, most executive who receive this type of compensation do an awful job of construction a smart strategy and game plan on what kinds of options to take if they are offered a choices and how to most effectively build an exit plan from having too much money in their company stock. Types Of Stock Options The ...

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5 Financial Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now

With a roller coaster economy, high job unemployment, and increasing federal debt, this is the time to take stock and ask yourself some important financial questions to make sure you keep your financial house in order.  Here are 5 important questions to ask yourself now? Do I have an exit strategy with my investments? If the stock market has another free fall or your company stock takes a dive, how will you put some sort of cushion to secure those assets which have grown over the past year?  You should be asking yourself questions such as how far your money may go down before you exit the stock market, or how much it needs to make before you might take some profit off the table.  Learn from the ups and downs you saw in the early 2000’s and in 2007/2008. Do I have enough of a cash reserve? With job market uncertainty, you want to make sure you beef up ...

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