Student Loans: Use Your Cash Or Take The Loan?

At Your Smart Money Moves, we get questions that we get from clients, through the website, or others that I see on the internet.   Here is a great one I recently came across around student loans. Q: I have about $40,000 saved up with an additional $6,000 in liquid assets that I am using as my emergency fund.  I’m attending graduate school, which will cost me about $50,000 by the time it’s over.  I will be working full time for the years of graduate school, so I believe that I will be able to save the extra $10,000 by the time I need to pay for it.    Should I pay the tuition out of pocket, or take out a low interest student loan at 5%?   I may be wanting to put a down payment on a house in the next five years, but I don’t want to begin accruing interest on student loans that I don’t necessarily have to incur. ...

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Craigslist Shopping – Money Saving Tips by Cristina Briboneria

It’s important that you have someone there to help you determine if what you want is something you should purchase at the store or on Craigslist so that you know you’ve made the right financial decisions. Click here to Visit or Call Oxygen Financial at 678-551-7955 for a consultation to learn more so you don’t feel overwhelmed while you’re shopping online! Happy hunting!! ...

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Feeling Confused About Investing? It’s fight or flight

One of the worst feelings you could possibly have as a consumer is that notion of being confused about where you're going to invest your money, what type of insurance you're going to buy, or just making a major purchase to your house. It seems the more information you get, the more confused you can become about what is the right decision. Most people say a confused mind says no. ...

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