Who pays the bills: MEN or WOMEN?

The great debate has gone on for years.   Who really handles the money in the home.   Is it the man or the woman in the home who ends up taking care of the financial bills?  Fiserv and The Marketing Workshop recently surveyed 3,029 consumers about the subject of banking and on line bill paying to represent the 90.5 million consumers involved with online banking.   The survey found two astonishing statistics.   One, in 2000 bills by paper check was the majority method where in 2010 bills by paper check is less than one quarter of the primary method of paying bills.  Two, that Generation Y is propelling the future business of mobile banking and personal financial management tools. As an experienced professional and a founder of a financial advice and planning firm for Generation X and Generation Y, we know that the way households are run and business is done will transform over the next decade.   According to the Fiserv study, ...

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