Problem – or a PROBLEM!

As I sit this weekend and read more about the oil spill in the Gulf, it becomes more and more apparent to me they really don’t have a solution other than drilling a relief well.  All the other pomp and circumstance they are doing right now is for our benefit so at least we will feel like something is getting done.  With advances in today’s technology, how could we get to this point?  Surely there was a contingency plan, right? Most of us would be just as guilty for lack of preparation in our personal lives.  Who has time to stop and assess?  Unfortunately however, what starts out as a small problem can quickly turn to a PROBLEM!  All of us have heard a story from a neighbor family member or friend, someone loses their job, they have medical issues, bad luck, whatever! When you are done reading this take 5 minutes and ask yourself the following questions: When was ...

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