Could Stamps Be A “Forever” Investment?

There is a reason you want the Your Smart Money Moves blog by your side.   Over three and half years ago, I wrote you a blog about buying forever stamps.  Did you take advantage of my advice?  With any overall financial plan, the one silent killer people often leave out is inflation.     Especially when it comes to the actual cost of buying your basic staples like groceries, gas, and utilities. While there has been a substantial increase in business being done on the internet, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will raise prices effective January 26th, 2014 to 49 cents for the first ounce of a first class stamp.   This would essentially be a 6.5% increase.   Bulk mail is also going up by 6% and with a raise to 33 cents, postcard will be up 10% versus 3 ½ years ago. How can you make a smart financial decision?   Load up on Forever stamps! Issued in 2007, the first forever ...

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Personal Finance 101 – Retirement Planning – Getting Income From The Water Faucet

Last week in Retirement Planning 101, I discussed the different types of investments used in retirement plans. If you do a good job saving during your working career, the most difficult phase of retirement planning in my opinion is the distribution phase. Since most people who think they are ready to financially retire worry about running out of money, figuring out the right way to take income from your investments is crucial during retirement.  I think about retirement asset distribution much like the water faucet you have at home. You need to know which spicket to turn on in order to minimize taxation while you take home the most net income possible. Remember that the first couple of years of retirement will generally result in a slightly larger amount of income needed before you settle into your regular expense mode for retirement income.  We have found over the years that clients will spend more in the beginning of retirement filling ...

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