FREE Always Comes With A Significant Cost

The President recently announced his intention to get a proposal through Congress that would make two years of community college ‘free’ for students.  Of course, the plan doesn’t have an actual price tag attached to it yet.  I guess it may not matter because all we do know is that it would be ‘significant’ if some 9 million students across all 50 states would benefit with an average bill of close to $4,000 per child. I am personally not for this proposal, but here are some potential thoughts on some pros and cons of creating this new type of free schooling proposition: CONS: Doesn’t solve the real problem:  The real issue is the runaway freight train of college costs.  We already have well over 50 colleges and universities that more than a 1 billion dollar endowment.   And, these are supposed to be non-profit organizations, right?  There’s an oxymoron if I have ever heard one. Will needy children actually benefit?:  Most ...

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The Rising Cost Of A College Application

We see so much in the news today about the rising cost of college education and the crushing statistics around student debt.   These sobering figures are giving much cause for consternation around whether the cost of an elite college education is really worth the price of admission.  Just the other day, I shared with a young couple that to put their newborn through a fully funded elite private school education would require them to save almost $1,000 per month!   Although there is much debate about college education, hardly at all does anyone discuss the costs of just applying to get to that college education.   With application fees being another boon for colleges, here are some smart money moves figures you need to plan for within your family budget as your child prepares for the application process. Application Fees– With a school like Harvard that received over 35,000 applications @ $75 a pop, it represented over 2 million in application fees ...

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You Lost $24 Billion In 16 Days Mr. Government?

According to the USA Today (10/18/2013), the 16 day Government shutdown cost the economy jobs, delayed mortgages, and lost retail sales.  The numbers aren’t fully in yet, but it is purported to be at least 12 billion dollars and possibly as much as 24 billion dollars for the stalemate that took place in Washington, D.C. over the past several weeks. As a 22 year veteran financial advisor, you don’t advise someone to take out a Target store card right after they have maxed out their Sears and Nordstrom store cards.   We all know that piling up lots and lots of credit card debt is simply an unsustainable way to manage a financial budget.  What we all don’t know today is when the balloon will burst. It’s not a smart money move to lose 12 billion, let alone 24 billion, but I’ve come up with my list of things that we could have done with 24 billion. We could have handed ...

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