Hot Summertime Deals

Everyone is interesting saving money, and in the shopping market timing is everything.   For many years, I have shared with clients that the best deals generally come in the off season if you know where to find them.  Here are five things you could look for in the month of July. 1) Summer Clothing-  As the dog days of summer are upon us and the return to school begins, many department stores will put their summer clothes, bathing suites, and shoes on sale.    Check out stores toward the end of this month and you will be sure to find a bargain or two from the large chain stores to your local boutique. 2) Grill and Outdoor Patio Furniture-   Especially in the areas where you have all four seasons, toward the end of July you will see fantastic deals on outdoor chairs, patio furniture, grills, and grill accessories.    Much of the higher end pricing leads up to the 4th of July, ...

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Is Now The Right Time to Join a Country Club?

There has always been an allure about joining a local country club. With how things are going in the overall economy these days, now may be the perfect opportunity to venture into that country club that you always wanted to join, but thought that you could never afford. Many of the upper-end country clubs today have either reduced or waived their overall initiation fee, which is the first hurdle for most people. ...

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