Three Apps That Are Downright Creepy

In the decade where we have seen the proliferation of the ‘app’, not all apps are turning out to be useful.   When I have conversations with people about their smart phone apps, it quickly dawns on me that most people have downloaded hundreds of apps only to really use a half dozen or so on a regular basis.   Some apps are really cool and can help you become more productive while others are simply downright creepy.   Here are three that you might want to be on the lookout for when you are out and about on the town. SCENETAP (www.scenetap.com)- Scenetap is an app that will help you avoid the dreaded bar hopping from joint to joint only to realize that the bar isn’t full, or instead, its full of a crowd you don’t want to hang out with on a Saturday night.   This app can tell you how crowded a bar is in terms of its capacity, the male ...

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The New Rule: Field Goal Bill Paying

Nobody likes paying bills.   Not longer than a few years ago, most people met the end of the month with the dreaded feeling of writing out checks and licking the back of envelopes—UGH!.   Over the past five years, many people in the United States have transitioned their bills from the check stuffing days to now merely having to fill in an amount and simply point and click.   With some providers sending you an e-bill alert now, you may not even have to remember when to pay the bill. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that the next generation of bill payers (your Generation X and Generation Y crowd) uses something that I like to call the Field Goal Rule when it comes to deciding whether or not to click the ‘pay now’ button.   Here’s how the rule works.   When a particular bill comes such as cable television, cell phone, or local water bill comes, a bill payer has ...

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