How To Complain Effectively Using Social Media

We hear a lot of complaining today about social media.  It’s in our faces daily with political events, people posting too many pictures of their vacations, and stories that we probably better off not knowing before we saw the sixty second video.  As customer service continues to decline across service industries, there may be an angle on how to actually use social media to effectively complain and get what you want. There are those in life who seem to be able to negotiate better than others when making their complaints.  Perhaps they have the right timing.   Possibly it can be related to their instincts.  Or, could it be that they know how to create a well-oiled plan to get their desired outcome? Recently, I had an interaction with Chipotle that can demonstrate how simple it is to get what you want and do it in an effective manner. On September 9th, my family asked me to pick up dinner and ...

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