5 Ways To Save Money At Department Stores

Gasp! Gasp! There’s nothing worse than having a white coated clinician spray some newly branded perfume on to a card and waft in your face as you gently stroll through the front doors of the department store.   You can get lost in a department store.   Some of them have three or four floors or if you take a trip over the pond to London take an afternoon to enjoy the ultimate department store in Harrod’s.   We shop at different department stores for different reasons, but here are five smart money moves tips for you if you choose to spend an afternoon trolling through racks of clothes and up and down escalators looking for a bargain. Start At The Clearance Racks– The upscale department stores are chock full of great merchandise.  Unfortunately for you, they don’t put it in the front of the store when you start shopping.  Work your way to the back of the store or to a particular ...

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I am officially couponed out!

I don’t think couponed out is a real phrase.   But if it was, that is exactly how I think most of us would be feeling these days from the onslaught of daily deals we get.    Many years ago, I remember my Mom picking up the Sunday newspaper to pull out the coupon section to begin clipping.   Coupons were neatly laid out in one section of the newspaper, and you could quickly cut out the five or ten that you thought you would use for your Sunday grocery shopping.  Every once in a while in the Parade magazine insert there was an additional coupon for something like coffee or yogurt that you could add to little pile of coupons.  Putting that scissor to the Sunday paper was almost cathartic in nature as you could feel the savings coming in your pocket.   When you went food shopping, the supermarket may have also had its own insert that you put in your shopping ...

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10 Ways To Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

Those that end up being wealthy don’t make it a habit to revolve debt on their credit cards. If you have a goal this year to get rid of your credit card debt, here are 10 ideas to help you get rid of the plastic hangover. Pay The Credit Card With The Lowest Balance– Even though some credit cards may have a higher balance, putting a check mark in the win column by paying off just one credit card will get you fired up to pay off another. Pay Cash For Three Months– If you walk into a grocery store or a department store with cash, you can only get as far as your wallet will take you. By physically not using a credit card for three months, your habits and how you think about money will begin to change. Switch Your Credit Card Debt To A Lower Rate– If you can qualify for a zero balance credit card transfer ...

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