What Insurance Moves Do I Make With Hurricane Florence?

With another major hurricane hitting the east cost over the past week, torrential downpour and flooding, and more than 1,000,000 without power, the questions will be coming soon on what to do insurance wise regarding hurricane Florence.  When any of our homes have floods, it can be difficult to know where to begin no matter what the size of your home.  However, make the wrong financial moves could penalize you severely and limit your ability to get back money that can help you get back on your feet.  Here are four insurance moves to make right now from hurricane Florence. Read Your Homeowner’s Policy – This sounds like such a simple thing, but I’m never surprised about what people learn when they finally read the insurance policy that they have bought and owned for years. You would think that hurricane Harvey and Irma that devastates several parts of the United States would have made people wiser, but it isn’t really ...

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Four Financial Moves To Make After You Are Hit By A Flood

With the recent devastation people have experienced in Louisiana by the floods, some new light is being shed on what financial moves you may need to make after you are hit by a Flood.    Over the prior weekends, I did a small piece on the Weather Channel to give some financial guidance for people in Louisiana who were hit by the flood.   With only 12% to 14% of the homeowners actually having flood insurance in an area that was not considered a flood plain, the big question is what money moves you should make after the flood comes through your neighborhood. Source (FEMA.gov) TIME TO MAKE AN INSURANCE CLAIM The first thing is you should try to go back and take photos, but be safe as water damage may make parts of your home extremely unsafe. One thing you should determine is whether or not you want to hire a licensed independent insurance adjuster to work as an advocate for ...

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