5 Frugal Ideas To ‘Paint’ Your Wallet Green On St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is often filled with green beer, green bagels, and spending a little bit o’ green on having a good time.   The fact that it falls on a Saturday this year could spell a huge windfall for the local Irish pubs right around the corner from your home.   With unemployment still at 8% plus percent and people still tight at the wallet, I thought I would share a few frugal your smart money moves you take to go ‘green’ on St. Patty’s Day to help put a few bucks in your wallet. 1.) Skip The Bottled Water – Bottled water is not only very expensive, but it also generates a huge amount of container waste.    You can easily install a filter through the tap at home or talk to your employer about installing a filter at work.   If you grab a reusable aluminum water bottle, this will give you a chance to get clean ...

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