Personal Finance 101 – Running Your Family Profit and Loss Statement

For three years now, we have been teaching individuals and families to begin thinking about their family finances like they were running a business. We know that in every business the two major dashboards are the balance sheet and the income statement.   These two metrics over time develop a real sense of the stability of any company, and those factors will ultimately be a large determinant of the value of the business.  Running your family income statement efficiently (or profit and loss statement) will be the main factor in your long terms success or failure in helping create your own financial security. The next few weeks of articles will help shape some context on how to develop a framework of success running your family profit and loss statement. The balance sheet is simply everything you own versus everything you owe or what some people call your net worth.  This includes assets like real estate, collectibles, furnishings, and all of your ...

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Tax advice or Investment advice- Which will be more important?

It doesn’t take a financial expert to recognize The United States Government cannot keep spending money at the current rate.  I don’t care whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we have spent ourselves into a problem and it’s time to pay the piper.  The question becomes with tax increases a foregone conclusion, which will be more important to you over the next 25 years, how well manage your assets or how well you manage your taxes. For those of you reading this that think taxes surely can’t impact me that much, consider the following – if you double a dollar per day for 20 years you will have a little over 1 million dollars.  Take the same dollar and apply a 28% tax before you double it each time and you will be left with just over $50,000.  Ouch!  Consider the following tax increase next year alone! Capital Gains tax rates will be increasing 33% Tax on Dividend income ...

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