Is it Time to Dodge the Draft?

No, you are not going to have to avoid a Government draft. But with winter coming, you might want to do somethings about that drafty house.  Some simple inexpensive projects could save you up to 18% on your energy bills this winter.  Here are four projects you should look at doing. Durable Weather Stripping.  Take a look at your exterior doors.  If you can slide a piece of paper between the door and the frame, then you are probably losing energy.  Bronze strips bought at your local hardware store are about $20 and easy to install on your own. Insulate the Attic Hatch.  If you have the traditional pull-down ladders to get to your attic, you will notice that was not build with any regard to energy saving.  A supper easy fix is to get an attic tent.  This is exactly like it sounds.  It is insulated fabric that you staple to the attic floor over the latter hatch.  It ...

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Save $1,000 On Your Cell Phone Bill?

How is it possible that such a simple device like our mobile phone has become so complicated?  I can remember back in 1991 when I had my first cell phone (that I couldn’t even detach) installed into my beautiful Dodge Shadow.   A phone was used pretty simply to make a phone call.  Today, we’ve got texting, calling, messaging, games, and thousands of applications with the electronic wallet not too far behind.    This means as the CEO of your family finances, you’ve got to more closely assess the cost of doing business with your mobile phone choice and your provider.  It’s important that you proactively seek out how to keep your bill lower as your mobile phone provider won’t be calling you with a discount on the bill.  Here are five ways you can control the costs on your family cell phone bill, and maybe even save as much as a $1,000 in the process. 1)  AVOID CONTRACTS! BUY A CONTRACT-FREE PHONE:   ...

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