Personal Finance – 101 – College Education Planning – The timer is winding down

A few weeks ago I wrote two articles outlining the types of assumptions you should consider for college education within your overall financial plan.   I also shared a number of different savings vehicles you could use to park away dollars for this goal.    As you get closer to this goal, remember it is important to pull back on the risk in the investments you take.   Several years ago in 2008, many parents got hurt because the funds they saved for college were nearly cut in half when the stock market dropped by 50%. Beyond your savings, your other consideration is to decide how you might fill the gap between what you saved for your kid’s college education, and what it will cost between tuition, room, board, fees, etc.   While all of us can only hope our child wins an academic or athletic scholarship, it is best to plan conservatively and assume you will have to design a strategy to save ...

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What Should A GenXer Do During These Turbulent Times?

These are one of those unique times where if you're a GenXer (1965-1979), this isn’t the first time you have seen a market take a sharp downturn. You experienced this about 8 years ago with the internet bust. Many of you have college education degrees, MBAs, and you have good jobs, but you're simply asking yourself will I be able to make any money in the stock market in the long haul? Is the economy going to get worse? How do I balance college education savings and think about retirement. ...

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