Why Does Generation X Have Lifestyle Envy?

It’s official.   For years and years everyone has labeled my generation (Generation X) the slacker generation.  We were the ones that really started on the video game revolution with games like Pong and Atari and now we have relegated ourselves to worst in class when it comes to overall debt. Although the average balance on credit cards is neck and neck with baby boomers at $5,343 per card and we don’t carry quite as many credit cards as baby boomers, the average debt for a Gen X’er has soared to over $30,000. The Experian study showed that nationally, the average debt in the United State is $27,887 and the average bankcard balance is $4,501.   So, why is such a successful generation getting so deep in debt?  What actions can you take today to start improving your situation? There is a reason why Gen X’ers and Millenials are using their credit cards more and falling behind on their payments.  I call ...

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