How Much Will It Cost When Your Son Or Daughter Starts Driving?

It’s hard to imagine for most parents that their son or daughter will be ready to get their driver’s license someday.    In fact, I think this ritual is a little bit like the birthing process.   Nature in part prepares you for very little sleep when the baby is born by making it very difficult to sleep in that last trimester.    As much as your stomach will go through the spin cycle the first time your son or daughter leaves the driveway all by themselves, there is also an overwhelming sense of relief for you to remove the chauffeur cap that you have rightly earned the years preceding your son or daughter getting their driver’s license.    While most families prepare for the magical day when their children get their rite of passage to begin driving, they often don’t consider the extra costs that may hit their family budget.   How much will it cost when my child starts driving? Learners Permit- This ...

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How To Save Money On Shoes

Many women (and now men) have a decent shoe collection in their closet. As parents, we know that after spending lots of money on clothes for our kids, shoes can come in a close second for the family budget. Between growth spurts, general wear and tear, and special events, kids can change shoes faster than Vin Diesel drives in Fast 6! One of the smart money move habits we can all get into this year is thinking about using different strategies to reduce our shoe costs. Here are five of my tips on how to keep light on your feet while keeping your cash in the wallet. 1)   Buy Out Of Season– With most items we buy in life, buying during the peak season is primarily when you will pay the highest dollar amount for anything especially shoes. Most parents will begin the process of stocking up on school supplies and running their children over to the shoe store to ...

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Ziploc Bags, Walgreens, and $4.75 For A Small Drink

Our entire family went to see Iron Man 3 on Saturday night this weekend.  I didn’t realize that the real animation would be at the ticket office before even entering the theatre. With the price being $15 for an adult ticket (and those 12 and over become an adult), we were out roughly $75 before we even grabbed a set for the movie. For some of you who work hard on your family budget, that may be a week’s worth of groceries in your pantry!  I think it is fantastic that so many movie theaters have made upgrade to make the movie going experience better, and I can’t wait to see 4-D which I am sure will be coming soon. Maybe in those theaters, voices can sound off when we sit down in our chairs to laugh at us for paying $15 a head just to get into the movie. If you are bringing your family to the movies, here are ...

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