How Marketers Manipulate Us To Buy More Stuff!!

Did you know that the highest paying job in America is and will always be marketing?  That’s right.  No matter how good your product is, it all doesn’t matter if you can’t get people to line up and make a purchase.   Marketers are smart.  Marketers are cunning.  Marketers (well some of them anyway) have learned the secret sauce that makes us want to buy more stuff even though we don’t really need it or even want it!   If you pay attention, you can learn the tricks of the trade but here are three ways that marketers learn how to separate you from your money: We Don’t Buy In Absolute Terms–   In one of my favorite books, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, he discussed the theory of relative pricing vs. absolute pricing.   Don’t confuse this with the idea of presenting you with three choices knowing that you’ll likely pick the one in the middle.  In the case below of the Economist ...

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Here’s Why Your Friends Are Going Broke

Most of the time when we talk about personal finance, topics including credit card debt, savings, investments, insurance, and coupons creep into the discussion.   Since nobody wears their net worth pinned to their chest, we truly have no inkling what our neighbors real personal financial situation is at any given point and time.   What I promise you to be true is that what appears to be an ocean of success around you is merely nothing more than a mirage of many people living on an obligatory basis to pay their bills.   Your friends will never tell you they are drowning in quicksand, but people around you are going broke every day and here are the reasons why. EGO– Your ego is something that can make you stronger or become an insurmountable obstacle to achieving success.  Remember, your ego is the part of your mind that contains memory.  It is ultimately what shapes your planning and your reality.   When it comes ...

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5 Inexpensive Baby Gifts That Will Make You Shine

You just got the news.   One of your friends just had their first baby and now comes the question on how to make a smart money move with a baby gift that won’t break the bank.   You would like to do something for them that is unique and special, but you just don’t have a fortune within your budget to spend on the gift.     I promise you that rattles, blankets, and onesies won’t separate you from the pack.  Here are five ideas you can use that can make you shine with your friends and leave a lasting impression for the years to come. Favorite Books– You can create your own nice little package of 3 or4 timeless classics that almost all parents will use at some point to read to their kids.   Package together something like Goodnight Moon, Where The Wild Things Are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (almost any Eric Carle book), or Are You My Mother are all books ...

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