When Siblings Fight Over Money

As Generation X’ers turn 50, more and more children are beginning to deal with their parents getting older.  This means getting into the challenging affairs of health and wealth.   Some parents are more open to discussing finances, while others have a secret stash of intertwined trusts ready to be unveiled to the children when they die.  Money does funny things to people.  Sometimes, those things are not so funny.    For many years the scuttlebutt that goes on between brothers and sisters can turn wildly unharmonious when money starts to pass from one generation to another. Whether you have one sibling or multiple siblings, didn’t you as a family have a running joke about who Mom and Dad loved the most?   Of course you did because this is the norm amongst families.  One child was the most gifted with grades, one child was the most gifted with sports, and one child was coined the ‘good child’.   As you grew older, naturally ...

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Does Jim Cramer Run Your Portfolio?

About a week ago, Marketwatch (www.marketwatch.com) ran story called, “The Most Dangerous Stock Market Since 2008.”   In the past six years of bringing you my Your Smart Money Moves Column, I have shared with you how media can influence what happens in the markets in a very significant way.  Without even reading a lick of this column, would it be any stretch of the imagination to say that if the market hits all time highs that the potential danger gets higher and higher for some type of market pullback? If you really want to see something funny, spend eight minutes today watching this 2009 video of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.  This particular program poked fun almost five years ago at Jim Cramer, Rick Santelli, and other financial pundits for telling people to continue to buy stocks in a raging bull market before the bottom fell out (http://bit.ly/1aZk5rZ).  The video is particularly amusing with one of Stewart’s great quotes “I ...

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