Til Debt Do You Part

My team is extremely fortunate to get to work with so many successful Gen X’ers. Many of them have done phenomenally well in their careers, and then begin considering marriage at a much later stage in life toward their late 30’s to early 40’s. This often brings up the question when we do financial planning with them about whether or not it is a good idea to get a prenuptial agreement. There are pros and cons to getting this type of agreement, but the one important item many couples do not remember to put in these agreements when they execute them is what will happen with the DEBT. Most couples remember to talk about the bank accounts, the retirement accounts, the family inheritances, the real estate, and the closely held businesses. However, most people assume that all prenuptial agreements are only dealing with people who have significant wealth. What happens when a couple gets married and you still have outstanding ...

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Do Ivy Leaguers Get Better Rates For Loans

As most of know, student debt is becoming the new silent killer for generation Y.   People in their 20’s and 30’s may need to find different alternatives on how to pay off their student debt or even how to refinance the debt.   Programs seem to be popping up all over the internet and I recently had the chance to interview Mike Cagney, CEO and Chairman of SoFi which is a company who can help with figuring out your student debt and more. If you need to refinance your student loans, SoFI (www.sofi.com) has some really cool programs: Fixed rates can start as low as 3.63% and variable rates even lower.  SoFi has its own specific underwriting process that allows them to be more selective with the types of students it loans to currently.   Think about it.  Better school, consistent job, etc. might mean you have a much better ability to pay back the lender. Unemployment protection is an excellent feature ...

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Different Types of Credit Scores: Which Are You Getting?

As someone who has owned/operated a credit message board for 4 years running, I get quite a bit of feedback from consumers. Based on that experience, if I had to pinpoint the #1 most confusing and least understood topic within this niche, do you know what it would be? Credit scores. And my reason for saying that may not be what you think. Sure, a credit score is cryptic by nature, since its formula is a secret. But that’s not why it’s so misunderstand. Rather, the reason credit scores are confusing is because most websites that sell scores are misleading consumers. FICO vs. everyone else If you go apply for a credit card, mortgage, or car loan, there’s a good chance the creditor will be using your FICO score as part of their decision. FICO (formerly known as Fair, Isaac and Company) has been around since 1956. They were the first in the credit scoring industry. During FICO’s first couple decades, the ...

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