Life Insurance: Why Do You Think 1 Million Dollars Is A Lot Of Money?

I’m excited to take part in the life insurance movement with Good Financial Cents.  Having been a practitioner involved with life insurance over the past 21 years, I have unfortunately had to deliver my fair share of insurance checks.   When I met people who have lost a loved one and now have to build them a financial plan, never once did I hear them say, “Boy, I’m so angry my life insurance agent sold me too much insurance!”    Rather, I hear horror stories from widows who cannot understand why their husband didn’t take out more life insurance.   Or, they assured their spouse that they would be ‘well taken care of’ if anything happened to them.   This is the story for many families across America. In the last six months, I’ve seen both friends and family who are in the 40 to 45 year old range dealing with major medical issues.   I’m 42 and when people told me about 10 years ...

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