Don’t Order Catfish On Your Next Date

I do my very best to keep up with all the latest terms and lingo that goes on within pop culture today.  At this point, since the Katie Couric interview, we’ve pretty much all heard about Manti T’eo getting “Catfish’d”.    If you have never heard the term “Catfish” (coined by the documentary “Catfish”, which basically describes an online relationship in which one of the parties involved is pretending to be someone they’re not), join the club, because the term was recently new to my vocabulary.    I suppose most guys in their lifetimes have made up a story or two about some imaginary girlfriend, but could a “Catfish” relationship actually be a money move that can ruin your wallet? First of all, let’s talk about the first date.   In my opinion even though there could be a significant cost savings by having an online first date for free, the cost of going for a cup of coffee or a dinner is ...

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Can We Just Skip Gift Cards This Christmas?

I haven’t done any of my holiday shopping at this point, but I’m going to declare a new theory of relative proportion at Your Smart Money Moves today.    My theory is that the amount of gift cards you buy from stores increases with direction proportion to the number of days you are away from Christmas Day.    Let me explain.   If you are truly a good planner, some of you have been shopping for gifts during the course of the entire year.    You may have used the game plan of going shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday with a complete naughty and nice list of what presents you were going to get for each person in your family.  There’s a group of you that either this week or the next will lug yourself to the indoor and outdoor malls to pick up all the holiday presents.   As each day looms closer to the actual day or Christmas, it creeps up ...

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