Will You Lose Your Home Mortgage Deduction In 2013?

Last Friday, I spent a chunk of my day at the Georgia Regional Financial Planning Association conference. I was a panelist at the event, but one of the reasons I attended was to see a friend of mine Michael Kitces speak on all of the tax law changes here in 2013. He is one of the best tax management advisors that I know of in the industry. As I have shared before in my blogs, tax management will be as important if not more important than asset management over the next decade. With all of the recent fiscal cliff changes, the tax law has become even more complicated and requires a close eye here in 2013 when income to tracking your gross income, capital gain sales, and potentially triggering out things like stock options or selling a piece of rental real estate. One of the main questions taxpayers will face this this year is whether or not their home mortgage ...

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Ziploc Bags, Walgreens, and $4.75 For A Small Drink

Our entire family went to see Iron Man 3 on Saturday night this weekend.  I didn’t realize that the real animation would be at the ticket office before even entering the theatre. With the price being $15 for an adult ticket (and those 12 and over become an adult), we were out roughly $75 before we even grabbed a set for the movie. For some of you who work hard on your family budget, that may be a week’s worth of groceries in your pantry!  I think it is fantastic that so many movie theaters have made upgrade to make the movie going experience better, and I can’t wait to see 4-D which I am sure will be coming soon. Maybe in those theaters, voices can sound off when we sit down in our chairs to laugh at us for paying $15 a head just to get into the movie. If you are bringing your family to the movies, here are ...

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Summer Camps Mean Money Blues For Mom and Dad

The school year is rapidly approaching graduation season, which means for most parents’ the question of what to do with the kids for summer is looming in front of you.   Summer camps leave kids with memories of sleeping in bunk beds, learning to ride a horse, swing a tennis racket, or the time that their traveling baseball team won the state championship.     For parent’s today the cost of many full time day camps can cost $300 to $500 a week.    Sleep away camps can cost $10,000 or more.   Weekly specialty camps for sports like tennis, swimming, or golf can be extremely costly as well.    For many families, camp is not always a budgeting item that parents’ put as a line item in the beginning of the year.   Camps can often cause a dent in a parents’ cash reserve that they have to make up in the fall just in time to spend money for the holiday season.  What are some ...

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