Should You Ever Borrow On A 401(k)?

For some of you a dreaded financial question may stare you in the mirror at some point in your life. Should you borrow against your 401(k)? While all initial responders in your body say no, there could be a few instances where borrowing against a 401(k) may actually make sense. Here is my smart money moves take on when to make yourself a loan. In general, it is not a smart financial move to borrow against your 401(k) plan. There are many individuals who are quitting their job and considering starting up a new business. In order to start their new entrepreneurial venture, they will likely exit from their current employer. The additional problem is where will the new entrepreneur find the capital to open up their new business? Instead of cashing in your old 401(k), one tremendously creative option to potentially fund a new business is to set up your new corporation and create a Solo 401(k) plan. Solo ...

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oXYGen Financial Hires Financial Advice Expert For Dentists To Lead Atmos Dental Advisors

(ATLANTA,GA) –September 23rd, 2011- Atlanta based oXYGen Financial, a growing leader in financial services for Generation X and Y individuals and business owners, has hired Chris Sands to pioneer a new business model focused on dental professionals called Atmos Dental Advisors.  This new venture will create a customized offering allowing dental students, residents, and practitioners across the country to gain access to a family office atmosphere catered specifically for the needs of dental professionals.   This is another addition to the growing brands of oXYGen, a cutting edge leader in the financial services industry. “Our family at oXYGen Financial keeps growing, and we are delighted to have Chris running our new venture specializing in dentists”, said Kile Lewis, co-CEO and founder of oXYGen Financial.   “Most financial firms are strictly pitching students and dental practitioners with insurance products or some basic tax services.   We believe that to help a dental professional truly succeed, you need a family office model that allows them ...

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