Are You Breathing Easier?

Have you ever heard of “Breathwork” or “Rebirthing”? I’ve been doing various forms of breathwork for years. The concept behind it is that when you breathe deeply and rhythmically you oxygenate the body and emotions, feelings and even beliefs that you no longer choose to keep are brought to the surface and released from your body and energy field.  It’s always best to do this with a coach that you trust because some of those emotions and feelings are ones that we’ve labeled bad and we don’t want to feel them. They are the ones that have been stuck for years in our sub-conscious mind.  When they come out, we have to be in a non-judgmental space so we can feel them fully, release them and let them go. We release them so we can Breathe Easier!! It’s kind of like looking at your financial situation. Sometimes we’ve avoided looking at our finances. We may have hundreds of thousands or ...

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How To Pick A Credit Card

We often pull out our credit cards during this holiday season much like a Ninja warrior would unleash their Samurai sword from its sheath.   Credits cards can be our friend or our foe depending on how we choose to use this weapon.  During this peak month of shopping, every store you purchase merchandise from will tempt you with a big discount at the cash register to get a store card Johnny on the spot.  I’m not a big personal fan of carrying revolving credit card debt, and I don’t recommend it is a habit you get into within your financial life.  Going to work every day to pay obligations can lead to a high amount of stress.  Credit cards, when used appropriately, can actually help you in the positive column by potentially rewarding you with extra cash back, frequent flier miles, or some type of point structure to redeem prizes behind door number three.   So, how do you actually pick ...

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It’s March Madness – Are Money Decisions Like Picking An NCAA Basketball Winner?

With the first big day of March Madness tomorrow, we all have our brackets filled out and ready to go with our Final Four picks.   This year is sure to be filled with some Cinderella stories along with some dominant favorites making their way down the brackets to the eventual winner. While we all get focused on the office pools, March Madness can really teach you some great money lessons to help you make more smart money moves for the rest of your life. When two teams compete in the NCAA tournament beginning with the total of 64 (now 66) teams that make the tournament, they each get a line in a bracket.   Bracketology is the process of predicting the field of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, named as such because it is commonly used to fill in tournament brackets for the postseason. It incorporates some method of predicting what the NCAA Selection Committee will use as its Ratings Percentage Index ...

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