VIDEO | Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Published on Oct 22, 2012 For many parents in their 40’s, a loud and disturbing wake-up call is beginning to happen. ( Full Article – http://bit.ly/QGha19 ) This wake-up call is the dilemma between figuring out how to catch up on the savings to be able to achieve a comfortable retirement and also ensuring you put enough money away to pay for your children’s college education costs. This quandary has put an extreme amount of pressure on mid 40’s parents on how they will come up with a solution on making both of these goals a reality. Since many parent’s will not be able to fully fund a children’s college education, it can be a great time as they go through middle school into the early years of high school to teach them financial responsibility as they will likely have to service their own college debt down the road.   ...

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