Why Are You Mad At Your Accountant?

Here is a question to ask yourself after tax season is over.  What really happens during a typical tax season for a family or business? I have been doing this for over 20 years, and so let me describe to you the typical outcomes. The first thing that we see is that most people cross their fingers and say three Hail Mary’s hoping for a refund.  Does this sound like you?  You gather all of these documents that you get from your employer, your investment companies, and real estate you own, then you hand them over to somebody (an accountant or CPA) and pray that they’re going to get you some money back so you can go on that vacation or remodel your house.  Most individuals that we meet who get a federal refund during tax time think that their CPA is the bomb.  They are assumed to be the smartest, brightest, and most unbelievable individuals in the world.  It’s ...

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What About The Breakfast Wedding?

My wife and I were discussing the other evening the whole idea of the cost of a wedding. We have two daughters, and it is quite possible someday we may have to pay for two weddings. We keep asking ourselves what the cost may be in the future for a full scale wedding. She was telling me about an old tradition during the conversation called a breakfast wedding. Weddings seem to get broken down into two different directions today. First, the traditional wedding generally has a ceremony followed by a reception and day or evening of fun. When you start to add up the costs for that type of wedding with catered food, band, flowers, photographer, clothing, lodging, etc. it can run more than $100 per head at the snap of your fingers. The second type of wedding is a destination wedding. This is having a bunch of your friends and family come to some exotic or intimate location for ...

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