Five Valentines Day Money Saving Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of those special holidays that can put a real dent in our wallet. The average person in 2016 spend $147 according to the National Retail Federation. Here are five quick money ideas that you can use to still make a special Valentine’s Day while also being smart on how you spend your money. Become Your Own Private Chef – Have you ever tripped through one of those tasty.com videos on Facebook where you see recipes you always thought about making. This would be a great time to avoid the crowded restaurants and make a special meal for your significant other. Flowers At The Grocery Store – Skip the florist and discover that some of your best deals are located right at the local grocery store. Stop by at the end of the day on Tuesday and you’ll pick yourself up a great deal. Buy A Card At Trader Joe’s – You mean food, right Ted? Nope. ...

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