Five Great Technology Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and word on the street is that spending is up this year…bigger than ever. The National Retail Federation estimated that consumers will spend 23.6 billion dollars on Mom this year in 2017, so who says people aren’t shelling out their wallets for Mom. If you are counting that is an average of $186.39 per consumer which is an 6% increase from 2016. Moms work hard and they are entitled to a show of appreciation on their special day. Most consumers will acknowledge that appreciation with a greeting card (77.9%%), though it appears her loved ones will also look for special gifts. Two-thirds (68.5%) of those celebrating will buy mom her favorite flowers, spending a total of $2.6 billion, and 37% percent will look for spring sweaters and blouses, spending a total of $2.1 billion on apparel and accessory items. Mom’s loved ones will also buy 2 billion dollars of consumer electronics this year, so you should ...

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What About The Breakfast Wedding?

My wife and I were discussing the other evening the whole idea of the cost of a wedding. We have two daughters, and it is quite possible someday we may have to pay for two weddings. We keep asking ourselves what the cost may be in the future for a full scale wedding. She was telling me about an old tradition during the conversation called a breakfast wedding. Weddings seem to get broken down into two different directions today. First, the traditional wedding generally has a ceremony followed by a reception and day or evening of fun. When you start to add up the costs for that type of wedding with catered food, band, flowers, photographer, clothing, lodging, etc. it can run more than $100 per head at the snap of your fingers. The second type of wedding is a destination wedding. This is having a bunch of your friends and family come to some exotic or intimate location for ...

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