What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Diversification (or Your Financial Plan)

The football season is upon us again here as the fall rolls around and neighborhoods and workplaces are buzzing with Fantasy Football fever.  The Fantasy Trade Sports Association commented that the Fantasy Football market is more than a 70 billion dollar industry today and growing.   With so many people joining multiple leagues, what can this popular game teach us about how we manage our portfolios and diversify our assets. Do Your Homework? It’s shocking how many people don’t know what they own in their 401(k), IRA, or their brokerage accounts.  You may have purchased a target fund or some growth and income fund, but you don’t actually know what you own.   Moreover, you may not understand the risks on how much you could gain in one year or how much you could potentially lose in one year.  It’s important to read the prospectus before you invest, look at the track record of the investment you will be making, and learn ...

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Are You Getting the Benefit of Low Natural Gas Rates?

Here’s a D-E-A-L for oXYGen Financial Clients and Your Smart Money Moves Readers By Kevin Greiner President & CEO, Gas South It’s the end of summer, and that means back-to-school activities, football season, and…making sure you’re on a favorable natural gas plan!  Yes, it’s time to get your household ready for the winter months, when you use higher quantities of natural gas. The good news: natural gas rates remain low in Georgia’s competitive market. Since the commodity bubble burst in 2008, natural gas prices have come down and stayed low for the most part.  A big reason is the supply revolution created by hydraulic fracturing (aka, “fracking”) — the process by which natural gas is produced in prodigious quantities from shale formations located throughout the US. It’s meant huge increases in production from places like Pennsylvania and North Dakota, not traditionally considered as being energy-producing states. The US is now the largest producer of natural gas in the world, and ...

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Should You Convert Your Roth IRA?

Hey folks, I’ve got a news flash for you. Going into October, it isn’t just football season, it’s recharacterization season. While most of you are worried about the stock market, I hear individuals and businesses talk everyday about what they should do with their money. (i.e. should I put it in the market, should I put it in a bank account, where is the best place that I should put my money?). The reality is right now, you can’t always think about your portfolio, but also you have to start think about tax strategy. With that being said, for folks out there that make less than $100,000 adjusted gross income, you’ve got the ability to do what’s called recharacterizing your IRA. What this would give you is the ability to do if you make under $100,000 in adjusted growth income is to take your existing IRA and put it into a Roth IRA. There is a handful of legislation that ...

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