Why Universal Basic Income Won’t Work

After I listened to this short clip on the Wall Street Journal’s website over the weekend, I felt compelled to write a short article around Universal Basic Income because I think it is a topic that you will see bandied about a lot more over the next five to ten years.  http://on.wsj.com/2tZbLPp Chris Hughes who is the cofounder of Facebook, is one of the driving forces behind this movement along with Bill Gates and other tech giants who are strong proponents of Universal Basic Income (UBI). In his interview you can watch from the link I shared, Mr. Hughes says, “I think that something fundamentally in the economy has changed to create these winner take all markets, where a small number of hardworking people do very well, and nine out of 10 others are  also hardworking don’t enjoy the same opportunities.”  Mr. Hughes, I am sure they taught this at Harvard as standard course requirement but it is something called ...

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Will The Internet Change Medical Prices?

There was a time that when it came to buying our electronic devices, we would simply go to our local electronics store.   Then, the onslaught of electronics superstores came at us like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Fry’s giving us a virtual cornucopia of electronic choices.    In the late 90’s and then into the early 2000’s, the internet changed the game with websites like Buy.com, Next Tag, and Amazon where we could price compare quickly as consumers.   Between the internet and smart phones today, information is at our fingertips to quickly compare and contrast the pricing on whatever electronic devices we are potentially going to purchase. As most of us know, the health care landscape has changed over the past several years and should change dramatically when we get into 2014.   When January 1st comes, the most popular part of health reform will be the concept of guaranteed issue.   This means irrespective of pre-existing conditions health plans must be available ...

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