How Can You Improve Your Fuel Economy?

You know gas prices are rising out of control when you are debating which button to press before you fill your tank up at the pump.   With gas prices ballooning to more than four dollars a gallon, some of you with those large SUV’s have been paying more than $100 to fill up your car at the gas station.     It’s getting more and more important to the bottom line of your family finances to manage how much you drive or it could cost you dearly within your budget.    You might also be able to take small measures every month to reduce the impact of these rising gas prices by paying attention to what your car tells you to improve your overall fuel economy.  Here are few smart money moves tips you can use each month. Heed Warning Signs – CarMD  (www.carmd.com) research shows that at least 10 percent of motorists have a “check engine” light on right now, and half ...

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