The Words We Don’t Want To Hear: “You May Need To Save More”

I really think over the next five years the whole notion of retirement planning is going to change.   The X and Y generation don’t think about retirement the way their parents or grandparents did.   Since so many more people are staying active during their golden years, the next couple of generations will be thinking more about making work option than pulling themselves over to the retirement shelf.    What still holds true for most us is that since companies don’t really often pensions anymore, it’s up to you to figure out how you can save enough money to do what you want when you want irrespective of cost.    No matter what you calculate your ‘work’ optional number to be you should remember that you only have four options should you start falling short of hitting those numbers.  Here are your four choices: Extend your time frame  – If you planned for your ‘retirement’ goal to be at the age of 60, ...

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Your Three Legged Stool Is Now A Pogo Stick?

It used to be that when most people talked about their retirement, the expectation was to have a three legged stool for deriving income when you actually retired. So, where is your pension coming from in retirement? Without a pension, you’ll have to hop that pogo stick of personal savings and investments to your retirement dreams. ...

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