Atlanta Small Business Profile – Alan Mishkoff, Granite Garage Floors

On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, small business expert Ted Jenkin speaks with Alan Mishkoff, Founder and Franchisor of Granite Garage Floors. Alan tells Ted that after 23 years in corporate America he felt that he had lost his passion for his work and decided to take a leap of faith in beginning his own business. It was in 2009 that Alan had a granite floor installed in his own garage and he says it was a fantastic upgrade that always caught people’s attention. So, as he was transitioning out of his corporate job he realized that this was an industry that had a lot of opportunities. He thought that if more people knew that an option like this existed they would pay to install these premium industrial quality garage floor. And as the success of his business goes to show, Alan was right. As he describes how his business has grown he tells about how ...

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