Complete Stain Removal Guide

The Complete Stain Removal Guide. The Basics of Stain Removal... 1. TAKE QUICK ACTION - The sooner a stain is treated the better. Time can “set” stains. Almost any stain can be removed if action is taken quickly enough, however almost any stain will become permanent if left untreated too long. Ideally, all stains should be treated within the first 24 hours. 2. BLOT & SCRAPE – Whenever possible, immediately after the stain occurs, blot up any excess liquid with a paper towel or clean white cloth. Scrape solids from the fabric if the stain is dry. Try to remove as much excess as possible before further stain treatment. ...

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Procrastinators Beware! Listen Up!

Procrastinators:  Listen Up! A big enabler of perpetual procrastination is what I like to call, “Southern Hospitality Syndrome.” Simply put, this is when you have a habit of being kinder to others than you care to be toward yourself.  It sounds like the epitome of “nice” and the opposite of “selfish,” but if this syndrome sounds uncomfortably familiar, it may be seriously contributing to your procrastination. If you have Southern Hospitality Syndrome, you are probably keeping commitments to others while ignoring or compromising commitments to yourself.  After a while, letting yourself down in this manner will begin to compromise your self-care, self-esteem and self-worth – and may leave you hopeless to change or downright depressed.  How? Let’s say that you and I were scheduled for a lunch date and I couldn’t make it.  What would I do?   Call you up and reschedule, of course!  If I did nothing at all…never called, never acknowledged it…just blew off the whole thing, what ...

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