Five Items You ALWAYS Lose That Cost You Money

If you are like me, I can sometimes become an absent minded professor.  My businesses are kept in perfect shape and form, my workouts are always on schedule, and I never forget what I need to pack when I take a trip.  However, when it comes to every day household items, I just plain stopped spending money on certain purchases because overspending on the fancy brands of these items assured me that I would inevitably lose them down the road.   So I finally succumbed to my own absent mindedness and stop buying nice items in five categories that I always seemed to lose.  I thought it was just me, but it probably is a struggle you go through as well. Sunglasses – Ray-Ban’s….cool.  Oakley’s…..so great when you are out on a boat.  Gucci….ever so stylish.    While these all look so great when you are out on the beach, at the pool, or an afternoon party, the reality is that people ...

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