How To Avoid A Holiday Financial Hangover

Set yourself a budget. Most people overspend during the holidays because they don’t go in with a budget for each person they are going to buy presents. Typically, when you go on an impulse shopping spree, you often spend more than had originally planned for before the shopping excursion.  My recommendation is to set a clear budget with a fixed dollar amount per person, and then work yourself backwards.  Remember, it isn’t always the amount of gifts that somebody gets . . . it’s the thought of the gift that counts. If at all possible pay cash and stay away from the credit cards. Think about what you are going to give people who work for you, with you, or who help you. People such as the mail person, trash collectors, paper delivery people, etc. If you’ve got people that work in your house or do work for you in a regular basis, think about how much cash or what ...

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The Year Of Two Black Fridays?

Every calendar year, the two major holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah confront us for planning our gift giving and family gatherings.    Usually, these holidays fall fairly close together in the month of December, as retailers get ready for the biggest part of the shopping year. However, just like the infrequency of total solar eclipses, sometimes the calendars don’t fall on the same cycles and Hanukkah can begin in the month of November.    This year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of Wednesday, November 27th with the first full day of Hanukkah on Thanksgiving.  The last time that happened was 1918. So, what does this mean Black Friday shoppers? For followers of Judaism, Hanukkah is an extended holiday lasting 8 nights.   The modern tradition for gift giving is to partake in a new gift each and every night.   This means as soon as Halloween costumes have been put back in the closet or thrown away in the trash, followers of Judaism will ...

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