Is It Time To Negotiate Your Next Purchase?

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen the proliferation of shopping websites all competing for our business.    There are websites where we can quickly compare the different prices from different vendors whether it is buying a television or a washer and dryer.    They say in life that everything is negotiable and I recently had a chance to see a new website called Netotiate. Netotiate allows you to not only price shop a given purchase, but it actually allows you to go one on one with the vendor negotiating with them on that particular item.   The first thing you do on the website it to pick a product.  Netoitate not only shops for that specific item, but then gives you an opportunity to work with specific store owners who are willing to haggle on the price.     You give the price that you would like to pay for that item to the store owner and Netoitate will tell you the odds that ...

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3 Simple Ways To Live The Frugal Life

These past few years we have seen a high level of unemployment, countless numbers of foreclosures, and many American citizens hitting hard times.  While many people are learning how to make ends meet, there can often be a struggle with how to have fun and live frugally at the same time.   Since many people define frugally different, I think about the term frugality by using phrases such as ‘economical’, ‘avoiding waste’, and ‘careful and diligent in the use of resources’.   Being frugal is about making good business decisions rather than the popular image of being cheap.   If you are thinking about entering the frugal life, here are three ways to begin thinking the right way about smart money decisions. Don’t be the first adopter of something ‘new’ – One really easy way to blow a bunch of money is have to be the first to own a new product when it hits the market place.    A good example of this ...

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