IRS Rules: .9% Additional Medicare Tax In 2013

With Obamacare kicking into to full speed here in 2013, last week I blogged about the 0% long-term capital gains tax. With so many different tax law changes happening, my fear is some tax-payers aren’t planning correctly and will get stung with an extra bill come tax time. For those individual filers who make more than $200,000 modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) and married couples making more than $250,000 MAGI, it is really important to understand how the additional .9% Medicare Tax will be collected here in 2013. Will your payroll company do this for you? Will you have to do it yourself? Is there a special form to fill out this year? Here it is straight from the IRS Website- BTW, this was about 46 different questions and answers, but I trimmed down the key items for you. (Source for all questions: www.irs.gov) When does Additional Medicare Tax start? Additional Medicare Tax applies to wages and compensation above a ...

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Ten Common Mistakes Tax Filers Make

Don’t you hate that thought of getting your taxes done only to realize later that you make a common mistake that could cost you time or money? The tax code seems to be getting more and more complicated every year (500 changes alone in 2008), and we all seem to be strapped for time these days. Here are 10 mistakes we see taxpayers make all the time which could put a few dollars in your pocket this tax season. 1) If you are single and are caring for an elderly parent, you should investigate seeing if you qualify for ‘head of household’ for your filing status. As a general rule of thumb, you should be paying for 50% or more of the elderly parent’s expenses. 2) You should make sure you have kept track of your charitable mileage that you drove during the year. Eligible miles will have a .14 cents on the mile write off on your tax return ...

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