My Mom Knows Car Rentals!

I always wondered which parent I got my financial smarts from, and I now I know that my Mom knows a thing or two about saving money.   If you follow her advice, she may be able to help you save a few bucks by doing something simple on your next trip. When most of us plan our family vacation for a week to another destination in the United States, we typically go about the process of renting a car.   While we may use different websites to find us the best deal on where to rent the car, most people end up renting the car directly at the airport.   That is where the real flaw is in our planning process. Recently, my Mom took a trip to Seattle.   She compared the weekly car rental prices for Hertz at the airport and at a Hertz rent-a-car location just 15 minutes from the airport.  What she found was astonishing.  The car rental facility ...

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