Americans Are Paying Billions In Hidden Fees

We’ve all thought about it before when buying a ticket to a concert or a sporting event.  How did the price of the seat come up at $200 a seat and then by the time we checked out it cost $250 a seat?  When you last set up your phone bill and they told you it would be $50 a month all in and then you got a bill for almost $70 a month, didn’t you wonder what made up that extra money? A recent study done by Consumer Reports showed that 85% of Americans have experienced a hidden or unexpected fee over the past two years for a service that they have used. In 2018 alone surprise charges included more than 7.6 billion in reservation changes and baggage fees for the airlines and almost 3 billion in resort fees for hotels throughout the United States.  Are we all getting chewed up by these unknown and hidden fees? Who Are ...

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7 Things You Pay For That Annoy You

Maybe someday I’ll run for politics.  With all of the debates going on, at least I would shoot straight on what I think about different things, whether people like it or not.   As my journeys take me to local restaurants, sporting events, and out of town hotels, I’ve compiled a list of 7 senseless charges that would be on my first list of things to get rid of today.  They might not win me an election, but they sure are annoying and don’t seem to make any sense at all.  Maybe these things just annoy me. Hotel Wi-Fi– What’s the deal with some hotels still charging a ridiculous $14.99 a day to access Wi-Fi? Do I really need to sit in the lobby while I check my e-mail? For crying out loud just mark it into the hotel bill.  What I like even better (not!) is that they give you the regular Wi-Fi or ‘premium’ Wi-Fi for $4.95 a day ...

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