The Holes in Your Insurance Coverage

So, you have health insurance.  You probably have car and home insurance as well.  Great, all is good in the world and you can sleep easy at night.  But what if you had a major car accident that was your fault or a tree from your property falls on your neighbor’s house? Now the stress begins. Scenarios like that are when an “umbrella” insurance policy would come into play.  Something that most people don’t both to purchase.  Umbrella policies pick up the slack above whatever your car of home limits is.  If your car insurance coverage is for $100,000, then you can buy the umbrella policy to cover everything above that amount, in amounts upwards of $5 million.  These policies often come into play if the person that was damaged sues you.  The good news is these type of insurance policies are easy to buy through your existing car or home agent and are very affordable.  Someone with good credit ...

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