Is it smart to get tax refund?

Around tax time, we often hear the question, “Is it smart to get a tax refund?”  The answer really falls into the ‘it depends’ category. In general, I am not a big fan of getting refunds.  Anytime in today’s world that you give the Government an interest free loan of your money for a year is probably not a good idea.  When you get a refund, you withheld too much money out of your paycheck over the course of the year.  When your actual tax calculation is done at year end, you will receive the excess withholding back in the form of a refund.   This means that you should really sit with your accountant, CPA, or financial advisor and adjust that withholding number for the current tax year.   If you are going to put more money back into your paycheck, make sure you have those dollars systematically saved into some type of savings or investment vehicle so you don’t spend ...

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How do your next door neighbors spend their money?

Didn’t you always wonder what your next door neighbor spends on their money on every year? Or maybe you were curious on whether you spend more or less than you should based upon your current income levels? The answer to these and many other questions can be discovered on a new website called www.bundle.com. Bundle is a fresh new website still in its testing stage that aggregates data from many different vantage points to give you incredible details on what people just like you spend from utilities to home repairs to dining out. For example, if you are ages 36 to 49, are married with kids, and make $100k to 125k, here are the statistics according to Bundle. They say in Alpharetta, GA that the average demographic spends $1,144 in food and drink, $1,723 in shopping, and $405 in travel and leisure. Perhaps Bundle hasn’t been to Alpharetta as of late to see what kind of shopping is being done ...

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