Five Tips To Make The Most Of Your Frequent Flyer Programs

As I was cleaning out my dresser drawer the other day, it dawned on me just how many different frequent flyer programs I had signed up for over the years.   If anyone wanted to challenge me to a game of  airline or hotel point card roulette, I would be ready to play at any time.    Fortunately, I’ve gotten some software that I use personally, and with clients, that tabulates all of my frequent flyer programs including airline, hotel, car, and credit cards in one place every single night (e-mail me at ted@oxygenfinancial.net if you want one of these).  I can even see when points are posted from my last trip or when I have used them from my most recent vacation.      Once you know exactly what you have for frequent flyer programs, then comes the hard part of ‘how to’ make the most of what you have.   Here are five tips that can help you stretch your wallet. Look For ...

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