Do The Worst Budgeters In The US Live In Georgia?

What makes someone a bad budgeter in life?  Is it the fact that they use their ATM receipt as their personal bank reconciliation?   Is it that as long as they can pay the minimum on their credit cards, they will keep charging new purchases every month?  Is it because of poor upbringing and spending no time learning about money? Wallet Hub recently ran a study and ranked the 150 metropolitan areas in the United States to gauge the overall budgeting capability of their residents.  They did so by examining 16 key metrics, ranging from the average credit score to the percentage of unbanked households.  They even ranked foreclosures.  Here is what the study revealed about budgeting. Metro Areas with the Best Budgeters Metro Areas with the Worst Budgeters 1 Fargo, ND 141 Monroe, LA 2 Sioux Falls, SD 142 Alexandria, LA 3 Rochester, MN 143 Savannah, GA 4 Minneapolis, MN 144 Augusta, GA 5 Boston, MA 145 Macon, GA 6 ...

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