How Much Should I Give For A Bar Mitzvah Gift?

When a Jewish boy turns 13-years-old he has a “bar mitzvah”, whether or not the event is marked with a ceremony or celebration. According to Jewish custom this means that he is considered old enough to have certain rights and responsibilities or suit for the upcoming wedding this summer. (source: about.com).  I actually know quite a bit about bar mitzvahs.   When I turned the age of 13, my friends, family, and distant relatives I saw once upon a family reunion showed up to hear me belt out a poorly sung haftorah.  I can remember the long hours of practice and study it took to be able to read my portion of the Torah on that special day.   I also have vivid memories of the food, the dancing, and the gumball filled Pepsi bottles we gave to each of the kids.    With today’s Bar Mitzvahs reaching prices of epic proportions, people often wonder how much they should give when attending a ...

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